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    Duqm Village – Oman’s Private Sector Property Project

    Renaissance Services has built one of the biggest private-sector township projects – The Renaissance Village in Duqm. The township provides accommodation for white- and blue-collar employees within the special economic zone of Duqm. With a capacity to house 18,000 residents, and state-of-the-art facilities for its residents, the Renaissance village has set a high benchmark for other companies, in terms of taking care of Oman’s workforce.

    Duqm Village – Oman’s Private Sector Property Project
    Renaissance Duqm Village Housing Facilities

    The facility provides housing for all tiers of the employment hierarchy. Inclusive of meals, laundry, internet connectivity, a Mosque, and even on-ground medical services – the village provides a comfortable abode for workers. Currently housing approximately 13,000 workers, of which roughly 2,000 are Omanis.

    Duqm Village – Oman’s Private Sector Property Project
    Incentives to Encourage Workers
    The village also provides commercial and recreational facilities for its employees, like:
    • Indoor Recreational Facilities (Gym, Billiards Room, etc.)
    • Outdoor Recreational Facilities (Garden, Pool, etc.)
    • Free-to-Air Satellite Stations
    • Library
    • Reading Lounges
    • Community Rooms
    • Convenience Stores & Shops
    • Barber Shop
    • Money Exchange Agency
    • Bank/AT
    These benefits add to the standard of living of the workers. Furthermore, these perks also double as incentives for the workers to perform better.

    - Business Live Me

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