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    Duqm Port boosts Oman’s standing in logistics sector

    Duqm, the only Omani port which can handle heavy cargo due to its size and depth, has the potential to become a regional favourite, according to a port official.

    Engineer Humaid Al Jabri, Port Manager at Duqm, exclusively told Times of Oman: “Heavy cargo used to come to Oman through Musabbah Port in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but when we began operation in 2013, we became the first port in Oman that could handle heavy cargo.”

    The Port of Duqm is capable of competing well against other ports in the area and might even have an edge in the long term.

    Al Jabri added, “Companies want to use the Port of Duqm because of where it is. For many vessels, using our port saves you 2 days going to Jabal Ali Port and 2 days coming back from there.”
    Duqm Port boosts Oman’s standing in logistics sector
    Ease of travel to and from the port is part of why it is hoping to become a major contender in the area, but Al Jabri went on to say: “Another strength the port has is how new it is, which will allow bigger technological advantages even though it may take us years to grow and catch up with competitors.”

    “Another excellent point is that the Port of Duqm will have room to expand because of where and how it is constructed,” the Manager said. “It gives us an advantage compared to other ports in the area.”

    The port is also safe from weather conditions. According to Al Jabri, in the years since he’s worked at the port, he has only seen rain twice, and SEZAD has worked to implement water canals in order to reduce the harm of extreme weather conditions.

    As many as six companies have already signed on to do business with the port of Duqm when more of its services are ready in 2020, according to Al Jabri.

    Ahmed Al Dughaishi, Director of Projects at SEZAD, told Times of Oman that Al Duqm is “Attractive to investors partly because of its strategic placement along international marine routes,” as well as the multiple methods of sending shipments to Duqm including by sea. He added, “As per royal decree, any investment made in the special economic zone has to have at least 10 per cent Omanisation.”

    - Times of Oman

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