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    Duqm Refinery launches Majlis series of community meetings

    Duqm Refinery last week launched a series of community meetings (Majlis) under the auspices of Sheikh Mua’thad bin Mohammed Al Yaqoubi, Governor of Al Wusta. This event was organised as part of the project managements' strong belief that initiating positive interaction with the surrounding communities was one of the cornerstones for the success of the project.

    The event was attended by sheikhs and citizens of Al Wusta Governorate, in addition to civil and military government officials. The event aimed at showcasing the progress of the project to the local community, furthermore highlighting opportunities and challenges facing the project. The event also aimed at taking note of their inquiries and grievances and to respond to them efficiently.

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    On this occasion, Sheikh Mua’thad bin Mohammed Al Yaqoubi, the event patron, stated, “One of the main pillars for the success of mega projects is to build a strong partnership with local communities by incorporating them in every phase of the project. Local communities play a vital role in the progress and sustainability of projects and we look forward to seeing the results of this partnership.”

    In the same context, Eng Yousuf bin Mohammed Al Jahdami, Deputy Project Director of Duqm Refinery, stated, “Today, we launch the Majlis event to strengthen our ties with the local community and the other public and private entities in the governorate. Every house in Oman has its own Majlis with inherited traditions to discuss various opinions that reflect the unity and solidarity of Omani society.”

    “To ensure the success of this event, we established a special department to manage the government and community relations and enhance relations with all parties. This department will address all the inquiries and issues of the stakeholders and will forward them to the relevant departments,” he added.

    Nas-ha bint Mohammed Al Falahia, General Manager, Corporate Affairs, said, “Duqm Refinery is one of the strategic projects in the blessed renaissance era wisely led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The project will contribute to building a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come. We, at Duqm Refinery, highly value all the suggestions and opinions that aim at enriching our project and maximising its benefits for the whole country.”

    “We are keen to share the progress update of the project with the local community and we will share with them our recruitment plans, In-Country Value (ICV) opportunities and social investment programmes to reach out to wider sections of the society,” he added.

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