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    Duqm Refinery organises a beach cleaning campaign

    Duqm Refinery has organised a beach cleaning campaign around beaches of Duqm this week.
    This comes as part of its commitment to protect the natural environment of Oman. The campaign aims at raising awareness on the importance of cleaning up after when visiting local beaches and the negative impact plastic and waste has on marine life.
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    Oman has a long coastline. Research and statistics support facts that the sultanate is home to a habitat of more than 1,200 species of documented plants, 509 species of marine plants, 766 species of marine invertebrates and 988 species of fish and 89 species of amphibians and reptiles.
    The beach cleaning initiative was supported by the Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm. Around 300 employees representing the public and private institutions volunteered in the first day of the campaign, while 150 students from the schools of the wilayat took part in the second day of the campaign.
    On this occasion, Manal bint Said al Kiyumia, team lead of the Corporate Social Responsibility, said, “Our beach cleaning campaign aims at raising awareness on the importance of preserving our nature as an important element in our lives. The campaign combines between learning and fun and it aims at teaching the participants simple environment concepts such recycling waste and using it to make creative artworks.”
    “We are impressed to see Omani youth excited about the campaign and we are proud to attract this number of volunteers. We aim at reaching wider sections in the society and we want to spread the culture of keeping our beaches clean. Also, we aim at encouraging the participants to throw their garbage in the allocated waste bins,” added Kiumiya.
    Mohammed bin Salim al Amri, a volunteer in the campaign, said, “Oman is a beautiful country. In this campaign, I have learned many things about keeping beaches clean and to contribute in the massive efforts made to achieve this goal. Also, the campaign drew my attention to the importance of recycling waste which was one of the key goals of the campaign.”
    More than 80m3 of waste were collected at seven collection points along Al Antoot and Al Shuair beaches in Duqm during the first and second day of the campaign. Also, permanent waste bins were put in place to collect waste throughout the year. Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Industries Company is a Joint Venture (JV) between Oman Oil Company (OOC) and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI). The refinery is based in Duqm which is located in the South East region, which is the Al Wusta governorate of the sultanate. This gives the project a strategic maritime location and a competitive advantage being in the path of international shipping lines in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, thus easing the process of transport in and out of the region.
    Our vision is to be recognised as a world-class refinery business, dedicated to delivering outstanding oil products to customers around the world, and in turn fueling economic growth in the Duqm area as well as making a significant contribution to Oman’s future prosperity.
    Once the refinery is completed, it will have the capacity to process around 230,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

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