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    Duqm Refinery eyes Europe, Asia markets to export refined products

    Duqm Refinery, which is expected to become operational by 2021, will primarily target European, Asian and African markets to export refined products and the refinery would use majority of crude shipments from Kuwait for processing, according to a senior official. Duqm Refinery will have a capacity of 230,000 barrels per day.
    Duqm Refinery eyes Europe, Asia markets to export refined products

    Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony of Duqm Refinery on Thursday, Jacobus Nieuwenhuijze, Duqm Refinery’s project director said that the project is being designed keeping exports of refined products in mind.
    “We would be primarily targeting markets of Europe, Far East and Southeast Asia. But in the future, we would also look at exporting products to Africa, which is likely to become a major importer of all products in future,” Nieuwenhuijze said.
    The groundbreaking ceremony for Duqm Refinery was held at the project site to commemorate the beginning of construction work at the US$7bn joint venture project between Oman Oil Co and Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI).
    On sourcing crude for the refinery, Nieuwenhuijze said: “As per the agreement between Oman Oil Co and KPI, 65 per cent of the crude needed for the refinery would be supplied from Kuwait through shipments.”
    He said the crude shipments would be first stored at Ras Markaz, a storage site exclusively built for the project from where the fuel would be transported through an 80km pipeline for which the construction has already started.

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