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    Incentives and benefits for investors in Duqm

    The Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD) is a government agency that was established and entrusted with the powers and responsibilities of developing and administering the Zone to become a regional maritime and transit-trade hub, an important complex for export-oriented industries, and an attractive tourism destination on the Arabian Sea. 

    Key Incentives:
    The Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm entertains One-Stop-Shops in Muscat and Duqm, thus enabling investors to handle all paperwork at one place. The One-Stop-Shops take care of and provides the investors with all governmental approvals, permits and licenses needed. They also handle all visa procedures including labour clearances and immigration tasks for the expatriate workforce and their dependants.

    SEZAD offers plenty of incentives for foreign investors which include:
    • All legally permitted types of economic activities can be licensed, regardless of type or size.
    • One-Stop-Shops in Muscat and Duqm.
    • Up to 100% foreign ownership.
    • No minimum capital requirement.
    • Relaxed 10% Omanisation quotes;
    • Expatriate manpower applications shall be handled within 5 working days.
    • 30 years tax-exemption (renewable for additional 30 years).
    • No income tax.
    • Exemption from Customs Duties.
    • Free import of all kinds of goods (except legally banned imports).
    • No currency restrictions, free repatriation of profits & capital.
    • Exemption from Commercial Agency Law provisions.
    • Usufruct agreements up to 50 years (renewable for similar periods).
    • Products finished or assembled within SEZAD are treated as locally produced products.
    Duqm 1

    In addition, the following legal entities can be established as SEZAD has no minimum capital requirement and is not subject to the requirement of having Omani participation in the ownership of:
    • General Partnership.
    • Limited Partnership.
    • Joint Ventures.
    • Foreign Branch Office.
    • Limited Liability Company LLC.
    • Joint Stock Company.
    • Holding Company.
    Business Opportunities:
    The objective of the SEZAD is to stimulate employment growth and business opportunity in the Wusta region. Accordingly it is imperative to administer a system of incentives designed to attract international investors to Duqm which is vital to contribute to the long term prospects of the Duqm Free Zone. In a personal meeting with us, the SEZAD Chairman H.E. Yahya Al-Jabri and One-Stop-Shop Manager Mr. Saleh Al-Hosni advised that SEZAD projects planned from 2015 - 2020 comprise of:
    • Telecommunication & IT networks.
    • Water Distribution and Waste Water Recycling Projects.
    • Commercial / Residential Building (consultancy services).
    • Logistics Services (Domestic and Overseas), including cargo carriage, warehousing, handling services and value-added logistics.
    • Aquaculture Projects.
    • Fisheries and Food Processing Projects (including storage and cooling facilities).
    • Medical and tourism related training centres.
    • Healthcare.
    • Supporting Services: insurance, equipment maintenance, suppliers etc.
    SEZAD is furthermore promoting Public Private Partnership projects in the range of:

    • Air Cargo Facilities;
    • Renewable Energy (Solar & Wind Power);
    • Waste Management Systems (residential & industrial); and
    • Schools, universities and training institutions.
    For more information on how to invest in Duqm please visit SEZAD's website.

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