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    Duqm Quarries to manage and regulate quarry, mining sector in Duqm

    Duqm Quarries Company has received the right to manage and operate the quarrying and mining sector in Duqm special economic zone area.

    Eng. Ali bin Abdullah Al Zedjali, Manager of Duqm Quarries Company, said that his company is a closed joint stock company promoted by Oman Company for Development of Special Economic Zone at Duqm (Tatweer) and Duqm Private Company. Duqm Private Company is owned by the people of the Wilayat of Duqm.

    Duqm 1
    Eng. Al Zedjali said that the establishment of the company aims to regulate the quarrying sector in Special Economic Zone in Duqm, maintain the wealth, strengthen supervision and control of activities related to the sector and employ them to serve the national economy. "Currently, there are many infrastructure projects underway in Duqm that require the provision of raw materials for construction and filling. The expected production volume of raw materials to support the infrastructure projects in Duqm would range from 500 tonnes to 1000 tonnes per hour," Eng. Al Zedjali said.

    "The new company will manage and operate the quarrying and mining sector; it will also run the sand and gravel mines. This is in addition to other activities related to the exploitation of quarries for the extraction of stones, sand and filling materials.”

    The activities of the company include investment management in this sector and management of mining and quarrying contracts and other related activities, he added.

    "The company is currently preparing and arranging a series of investment contracts for companies wishing to invest in this sector. It will also provide feasibility studies for sites suitable for quarrying or mining and offer them for investment, in coordination with the competent authorities.

    “The activities of the company provide good opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in SEZD to benefit from some business and support services," elaborated Eng. Al Zedjali.

    The mining sector is one of the five main sectors that the Sultanate is focusing on within the current five-year plan to support the national economy. The others sectors are manufacturing, tourism, fisheries, transport and logistics.

    Special Economic Zone in Duqm has a wealth of mineral and rock resources, which if well exploited, would provide many opportunities for domestic and foreign investment. "SEZD is rich in limestone used in many industries, such as dyes, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, glass and plastic.

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