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    Top students join Duqm Refinery summer program

    Duqm Refinery, in cooperation with the Department of Education in Al Wusta Governorate, launched a summer programme for high achieving students from the Al Wusta region. Ten students from the wilayats of Haima, Al Jaser, Duqm and Mahout are attending the programme over the summer.
    The program consists of 80 hours of training and is planned to last for 30 days. The participating students will go through a series of integrated theoretical and practical training programmes aimed at refining and upgrading their skills in English language, leadership and communication.
    They will also be visiting key cities in the UK as well as participate in a number of after school sporting, recreational and cultural activities.
    “This is the first time that we will be sending our high achieving students of grades 10 and 11 abroad. There is no doubt that such an initiative will motivate our students to continue to exert further efforts and do more while enhancing the spirit of competition amongst our students, which would indirectly contribute to the benefit of communities in the region,” said Dr Salim bin Saeed al Maishani, Director of the Department of Education at Al Wusta Region.
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    Duqm Refinery has implemented a number of programmes as part of their CSR agenda. Some of the programmes include the ‘Science of a Refinery’ programme targeting school students in Duqm through a series of practical experiments and interactive classroom activities aimed at motivating them to take interest in STEM subjects. The ‘Wadha’ initiative is another example that was launched by Duqm Refinery in order to support women empowerment programmes. Similarly, the ‘Marefa’ initiative aimed at upskilling local job seekers and employees of both public and private sectors.
    uqm Refinery has also developed a voluntary programme called ‘Sawaed’, through which the company staff can participate in volunteering activities. The program is an organisational platform that allows employees to use their time and efforts to implement social projects or to provide their support in a well-organised and methodological approach. In 2016, the Duqm Refinery achieved more than 2,000 volunteer hours through various initiatives.
    - Muscat Daily

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