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    KIMS Oman Hospital opens Duqm branch

    The growing industrial city of Duqm has something to celebrate. With the launch of KIMS Medical Complex (KMC), Duqm’s long wait for quality medical provider is finally over.

    A branch of the Muscat-based KIMS Oman Hospital (KOH), the multi-speciality complex will provide an array of services to the local population, in addition to dedicated medical care to the corporates and industrial outfits in Duqm.

    To begin with, the complex will have dedicated outpatient services such as general practice and dentistry departments besides laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, ultrasound, triage, ER, minor procedures, visa medicals, health checkups and ambulance services.

    It will also provide doctors initially (in visiting capacity) for specialities such as orthopaedics, general surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, internal medicine and urology. By September, KIMS intends to convert the visiting specialties as full-time ones and add CT scan service, in addition to departments of cardiology, neurology and dermatology. The complex will also have the provision to transfer IP patients to KOH, Muscat, in case of any emergency.

    Speaking on the occasion of the launch of KIMS Medical Complex, Jacob Thomas, group director – Projects & Operations (GCC) at KIMS Healthcare Group, said, “KIMS Group is committed to provide high quality healthcare in modern facilities to all the people living in and around Duqm. As the population of the city grows and thereby its healthcare requirements, the KIMS facility has the provision to expand into a small hospital.”

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