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    Port of Duqm to complete first phase mid 2018

    The first phase of Port of Duqm will be completed by June next year, according to top-level officials.

    The first phase of the port include multipurpose terminal, dry bulk terminal and early operations container terminal, all of which are indispensible to port operations. 

    “We expect phase one of the port of Duqm to be completed by June 2018. This will be followed by construction of phase two, which would be completed between 2025 and 2030,” Jurgen Vanhove, port operations director at Port of Duqm said at the third Logistics Seminar organised by the Port of Duqm.

    “We also plan to hire Omani workers in the third and fourth quarter of this year to have the right workforce for our increasing operations.”

    Vanhove also said that Port of Duqm is collaborating with Royal Oman Police (ROP) and its integration with Bayan system to allow port to be accessible to customers online, which would help in fulfilling its major goal of keeping customers happy.

    In the first phase, the port has leveled 65 hectare area of the logistics space, and is currently handing it over to the tenants. The infrastructure is expected to be ready by the end of first half of this year.

    Operations in the Port of Duqm are heavily reliant on oil and gas related industry while officials are looking forward to more mining related activities. Limestone exports have already begun through the port and according to officials, seven shipments have already been exported to overseas markets.

    “We want to bring in more business through the Port of Duqm and have already welcomed navy vessels from USA, UK, China and Japan. We are importing cement to satisfy the needs of major construction projects happening in the city as there is no cement factory in Duqm yet. We expect a gradual increase in container traffic in the port,” Erwin Mortelman, Commercial Director at Port of Duqm said.

    “Nearly 40 per cent of PDO materials move through the port of Duqm and we are planning to make this 100 per cent in the next three years,” Sulaiman Al Shaqsi, Corporate Functional Discipline Head of Logistics at PDO said.

    Duqm’s location was a major talking point at the conference not only due to its international connectivity but also its proximity to mineral rich areas locally. Although the planned railway has been delayed by Oman, in line with other GCC countries, Tanfeedh, the National Plan for Economic Diversification, saw building a railway link between Duqm and mineral rich region of Shuwaymiyah of utmost importance.

    “Dolomite, gypsum and limestone are few minerals found in close proximity to the Port of Duqm. These are low value minerals and we expect shipment through the port to be high once the railway link comes up,” Mortelman added.

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